Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry series Perlée

Published: Saturday 14 May, 2016

As series soul gold beads available in the 1920s, has become one of the traditional design of Van Cleef & Arpels, initially used as a contrast gemstone jewelry and outline shape of decoration, artisans first precious metal arch, then shape into a round bead shape, and Seiko cast gold bead trim will be named "perlé" (in French in the "beaded" meaning). Thereafter, the design in this lively series Perlée Revitalisation again, little beads for the jewelry inject vitality Smart, classic bead trim, woven gold ribbons, gently light around the fingers and wrist, bring freedom youth breath. A string of dazzling brilliance of the light, is the brainchild of artisans. By the selection as well as meticulous polishing retouching, each one Perlée ring and bracelet are telling family exquisite unique technology. Polished craftsmen individually to every single ball on the ring, in proportion to the size of the gradient careful polishing of gold, platinum or rose gold ball bloom bright soft light of China, a series of manual processes, extraordinary technology and extraordinary patience are indispensable.
Simple delicate beauty of the most classic rare, must be both skilled and ingenuity. replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry Perlée this series reflects the aesthetic realm, whether it is perfect symmetrical design of the ring, or the size of the change has caused the gold beads are arranged, are filled with a unique charm and rhythm.
Some people like to use the metaphor of magnificent jewels remain eternal feelings, will and good intention to pour precious moments in the ornaments, permanent preservation. However, jewelery contains not only the owner of the story, as well as designers and craftsmen of art, aesthetics and the pursuit of philosophy, reflecting each touch, the people behind the attitude and motivation. As Perlée Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry series, is a fresh fashion design and exquisite craft unique hymn, to compose elegant, soft femininity.
Simple, straight lines, giving Perlé e modern architectural beauty, highlighting the fashion of a woman confident hearty; details are exquisitely portrayed women Brisk delicate side, so that both rigid fashion series exudes charm. Polished beads turned into flashing soft ribbons wound attractive beautiful ring, including engraved with the family name "Van Cleef & Arpels" words designed to round diamonds set into Alhambra motif, as well as different sizes of round diamond-paved into rings and many other styles. Changing style bracelet is another highlight Perlée, whether open or whether with jewelry clasp, white or rose gold bracelet gold beads begin flashing a combination of design and style echoes ring with each other while wearing different designs and color bracelet for laminated costume show full of bright color colorful personality and style.
In addition to the fine crystal dripping beads, Perlée Couleurs moisture and warmth ring drawn up five kinds of color, as Cui gem gold ring crowned give life ring at the same time a symbol of luck blessing. After careful polished jewel seat, bordered by Van Cleef & Arpels selected according to strict criteria and Crafts gem. Is silhouetted against a bright gem itself, and every single ball mosaics are in line with the characteristics of the material. Tiger Eye malachite texture and subtle color contrast delicate for jewelery Smart inject vitality; and onyx, carnelian and turquoise color is bright eye-catching, the pleasant Italian state. Different color stones coupled with gold, platinum, rose gold ring, allowing you to be creative, free product Perlée costume for other series, with elegant ethereal beauty embodied the brand and distinguished tradition of technology and aesthetics.

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